New revelations about cognitive bias in the O&G sector

26th March 2019

Following a successful continuation of the experiment on collapsing cognitive bias in the O&G sector i’m support of decision making, some new revelations have been published (HERE), which are believed to be a first in our sector if not new to psychology. The experiment continues.

New release of SpatialVC™

26th February 2019

SCV relaunch.jpeg

SpatialCV™ has been relaunched as the vehicle for career rejuvenation. Six new enhancements have been announced associated with 5 activities. The premise is that careers are essentially modular and that if you sequence these in the right way for you (depending on what success in your career looks like to you), then you can create your own career pathway.

New Enhancements to SpatialVC™ announced

15th February 2019

Six new enhancements have been announced red ahead of the new release of SpatialCV™. Click HERE to read about them.

Geo Blind date!

30th January 2019

Proof of concept for a workflow to find a mentor and set up sessions to help find the job that will work for you (Test case 1 posted on LinkedIn).

New release SpatialVC™

12th January 2019

The first module of a series of new enhancements has been rolled out to spatialCV™, prompting a weekly series of tantalising posts on LinkedIn to show what is coming in February.

AAPG President’s column

9th January 2019

Tangible evidence that people are starting to notice that basin rejuvenation is possible and desirable (HERE).

PETEX 2018 presentation

28th November 2018

Presented a paper to PETEX to demonstrate how the North Sea could be rejuvenated using the stages outlined in the preceding articles. This was the culmination of 4 months of publications aimed at increasing awareness of changing enterprise dynamics in exploration and how an opportunity is being missed to rejuvenate the North Sea (click HERE to see the abstract).

Article published in GEO ExPro magazine

22nd October 2018

An article entitled "Thinking Outside the Play”- (How to rejuvenate exploration in prolific but tired petroleum systems) was published in the GEO ExPro magazine (click HERE to view).  The article is the third in the series and lays out five stages to achieving rejuvenation in mature super-basins. The same article was re-issued online in December 2018 (HERE).

Preliminary career observations

18th October 2018

Preliminary observations from the August initiative on Career development was published online (click HERE to view).  The article explores what motivates ambition in out choice of career by examining the perspectives of different demographic peer groups.

Article published in GEO ExPro (online)

4th September 2018

An article entitled "Sharing Knowledge for Value Creation" was published online (click HERE to view).  The article is the second in the series and examines enterprise dynamics in maturing assets and weighs the advantages of open versus closed collaboration, answering the question “is it ever advantageous to your business to share what you know?”.

Launched career health-checker tool

18th August 2018

The health of your career is based upon your definition of what career success looks like to you. Career paths in meritocratic organisations are most commonly split between technical and managerial streams.  The tool (calibrated on the 1st September) maps respondents ambition through careers that navigate sometimes complex paths between technical and managerial aspirations.

Abstract accepted for oral presentation at PETEX 2018

13th July 2018

An Abstract entitled "Accelerating North Sea development through open collaborative exploration" was accepted by PETEX co-authored between GWF Loftus, S Neal and AD Scardina.  The presentation will be preceded by 3 articles to be published on LinkedIn and GEO ExPro inJuly, September and October 2018.

SpatialCV™ launched!

4th May 2018


It all started when…

Beta testing is finally drawing to a close, the new tool is ready to take flight. Whether you see your career as an act of self-fulfillment by continuous personal development (formative career), or more opportunistically through personal interest or passion (leisure career), you are just a week away from being able to repossess your future.


SpatialCV™ and the new Knowledge PinMap were launched today - potentially changing the face of spatial conversations of the future.  This is the biggest achievement of K2V Limited to date!  Open to everyone to benefit from.

New Spatial CV set to launch

24th April 2018