K2V Limited

K2V is a public limited company incorporated in the UK subject to UK law.  The company is VAT registered with company address:

K2V Ltd - 2, Longmead, Shaftesbury, Dorset SP7 8PL, UK

email: info@k2vltd.com

tel: 0208 255 0201

Dr Guy Loftus (Director)

Thirty-five years working in the oil industry, 31 of those years as an explorer for Shell International, with assignments that took me across the world from Oman, New Zealand, The Philippines, The Caribbean, Malaysia, Gabon, Indonesia, Texas, London, PNG, Canada and The Hague.  As an explorer, I was involved in new ventures, asset management, shooting seismic, interpreting prospects and drilling wells to make discoveries of oil and gas to open up new opportunities, rejuvenate tired portfolios and take discoveries to production.  In the course of this journey, I have learnt about the importance of data management, which depends on ownership for success, as well as knowledge management, without which (I believe) fresh talent is directionless.

email: guy.loftus@k2vltd.com

tel: +44 (0) 782 433 1984