Harvesting rice, Dali (Kunming Province), China 1986

Harvesting rice, Dali (Kunming Province), China 1986

Opportunity Realisation Process (ORP)

K2V Ltd offers a suite of services and tools customised to match different business objectives for different organisations engaged in oil & gas exploration.  Those services blend crowd sourcing tools with consultancy tailored to match your organisation's specific business challenges that may include deploying an internal corporate database, developing analogue taxonomies or training.

Not every organisation will be interested in all of these services. To help map out your business needs, K2V Ltd. has adapted the 1980's Capital Value Process to generate an Opportunity Realisation Process for oil & gas exploration (below), where the ultimate realisation of frontier exploration in the oil & gas sector is wildcat drilling.


Step 0 - Opportunity Definition: what constitutes an opportunity to our business model?

Step-1 - Opportunity Identification: where are we likely to find the opportunities that fit our business model and how are they ranked?

Step-2 - Opportunity Assessment: do the opportunities where we possess differentiating knowledge have achievable business potential?

Step-3 - Opportunity Selection: leading to an investment decision and delivering the deal by creating an asset with commitments

Step-4 - Opportunity Maturation: adding value to the asset with decision gates on drill or drop

Step-5 - Opportunity Realisation: leading to selection and execution of wildcat drilling

Each step is sequential but the step boundaries are permeable and require a degree of iteration before transition.  The services in order of business process include:

  • Knowledge Harvesting (who knows what, where & when)
  • Data Harvesting (mining amorphous data mountains)
  • Knowledge sharing/stacking (collaborative or stacked opportunity screening)
  • Peer comparison (or analogue taxonomies at a play level)
  • Global opportunity ranking (verified relative score)
  • Value polarisation (what has to be done to "move the dot")
  • Look-back (how does what we know now compare with what we knew then?)
  • Competitor Intelligence (evergreening knowledge with new insights)

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