SpatialCV™ is freely available and accessible to anyone who seeks to make their knowledge visible in good faith.  Knowledge holders undertake to represent their knowledge honestly and realistically within the limitations of the tool.  Knowledge PinMap™ is a compilation of all knowledge holders who have pinned their knowledge in good faith and is open to anyone to examine and interrogate free of charge.  K2V Limited charges no fee for the use of the public SpatialCV™ and its portals (My PinMap™ and Knowledge PinMap™) accessed through  

Free access to pinning information is absolute but free access to the identity of knowledge holders is conditional:

  1. that written consent by email has been provided by the knowledge holder to reveal their identity to a named entity wishing to communicate with that knowledge holder.
  2. that the entity wishing to make contact does so an individual to share knowledge and not an organisation seeking to profit from using that information in any way, either by building an expert network for profit or by passing that information on to others.
  3. that the entity wishing to make contact does so as an individual to share knowledge and not as an organisation seeking to interview that individual for employment*.

K2V Limited is not a recruiting agency; we simply provide the tools for people to connect with each other.  K2V Limited is not able to make recommendations about who should be connecting with whom.


*Using Knowledge PinMap™ to find potential employees is a legitimate use of SpatialCV™ but is subject to a fee.  Please contact to request a pricing schedule.  K2V Limited is unable to prevent a potential employer from ignoring this condition for a single request.  K2V limited routinely requests feedback from knowledge holders once requests for identity have been made.  If a knowledge holder confirms that a request for information for potential employment has taken place, K2V Limited reserves the right to withhold future requests for the identity of knowledge holders from that entity.