SpatialCV™ activity: PROFILING (enhanced)

Having contributed to the thousands of global pins, you now need to make them work for you. To see all the contributions, click on “Knowledge PinMap™”, where all the pins are displayed anonymously, the paradox of anonymous visibility. To make use of the pins, you must associate each with an individual “X” so that you can profile X’s experience and establish whether X is someone you would like to know, either for their content knowledge or because their career journey is one that you would like to emulate.

Profiling begins by establishing what job you are seeking information on for your next assignment, through to where you want to be in the future.  For example, if you aspire to be an Executive Decision Maker in the future, click the filter button in the Knowledge PinMap™ opposite, select “Managerial” under “Role” and click “Executive Decision Maker“ and what you will see (below) is all knowledge holders who have achieved that Function in Role.

EDM selection.jpeg

Click on a pin located in an area where you consider that role to be appropriate, then click “show user pins” (circled in purple opposite) to see the career path of that individual.

The 59 pins displayed below show the spread of global experience that X has achieved over their career. Toggle the bar chart icon to and and click on “FiR” (Function in Role) and you will see the de-constructed profile of X representing the content knowledge achieved for each pin. Hover the cursor over each bar to see how many times that particular project/job/assignment was repeated during X’s career (to date). Profiling is about finding pins that belong to individuals who possess content knowledge of interest to you or who have succeeded in acquiring a career position that you aspire to. Having viewed this profile, repeat this process as long as it takes to find someone whose profile matches what you are looking for.


Profiling in SpatialCV™ provides the means to find someone with specific experience of interest to you for whatever reason using the first true meritocratic means every published. Content knowledge drives your interest but actual knowledge content is tantalisingly unattainable. Content knowledge tells you that knowledge holder “Y” was a wellsite geologist on that well that conferred a level-5 content knowledge but with no idea what the actual knowledge content is. Uniquely to SpatialCV™, you have no idea whether “Y” is female or male, what ethnicity, nationality, impairment, religious, political or sexual orientation, because none of them is relevant to content knowledge. You don't even know their name. You just know that their verifiable experience has made them what they are today and that is enough to inspire your interest. No other means of profiling focuses so completely on what you know, not who you are. Many talk about a level playing field; SpatialCV™ is what it looks like. 

People are profiling content knowledge as you read this; if your pins are not there, how will they ever find you? Get pinning now.