K2V Ltd: Knowledge PinMap™


It all started when...

The map above is navigable and is the property of K2V Ltd.  The map shows the spread of knowledge of a group of 10 independent consultants who chose to geo-reference what they know using the Knowledge PinMap™ to advertise their services.  For navigation, drag the map and use the navigation buttons (upper left), zoom in to your area of interest and click on the pins to get some basic information about the knowledge behind the pins.  Click the top right icon to toggle layers on or off and the icon to the left of it will provide a legend for pin colour, size and symbology.  Click the upward arrow at the bottom of the map to query the database and build your desired filters.   


The map is a demo version and is published to increase the visibility of the participating consultants, so that potential clients can query "who knows what where and when" to aid in the selection of suitable candidates for consultancy.


For any enquiries, please contact info@K2vltd.com.